About Amy

I’m a burgeoning Interactive Fiction writer, and I enjoy writing about IF almost as much as creating my own works. I’ve created a “preview edition” of my first game, “Realm of Obsidian,” which is a gory, black-humoured little thing. It was written using TAB, a new authoring system by Philip Richmond. I’m currently involved in learning Inform 7 and Glulxe, and I plan on making my second (and first full) game in this platform, tentatively titled “Katherine and Camille.” It’s the story of two people in love, strugglng with their peers and family. They also happen to be women.

Other hobbies and interests include: my family, fantasy and science fiction books (as well as movies), tracked music made via computers (known as MODs, XMs or ITs), computers, swimming, hiking, and watching shows about astronomy. These other interests may eke into this blog from time to time, but it’s really about the IF!  🙂

Email: amethystgames at ymail dot com


3 Responses to About Amy

  1. jason says:

    Looking forward to playing your new game!

  2. Hi Amy – I’m a newbie to IF, but I’ve written a simple Silverlight FyreVM/glulx interpreter that might be useful (one day). As it uses FyreVM, it needs the relevant TextFyre extensions installing in Inform 7 and some story tweaks (to use Channel I/O):


    I’m interested in general feedback on important / useful features to add, so all comments & suggestions welcome!

  3. Jeff Daniles says:

    sites such as these are great because everyone can share ideas and thoughts,no matter if anyone agrees with them or not.kepp up the good work and i hope i can contribute as well

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