I’m Back, and With a New Release of Realm of Obsidian


Real Life intervened and interfered quite a bit after the 2009 Spring Thing died down. I’ve gotten ahold of it finally, and I’ve released a new version of Realm of Obsidian. This doesn’t expand the game at all, but rather fixes a few bugs and adds a few enhancements. The most notable are:

UNDO functionality

New gameover prompt of: ‘Would you like to (Q)uit, (R)estart, (L)oad a saved game or (U)ndo?’

Transcript command now logs text output in real time

Soundless version

Linux/Wine version (with sounds, and soundless)

(The first three enhancements are thanks to Philip Richmond, creator of TAB.)

Downloads are now featured on the Realm of Obsidian page!

As for the future, I plan on learning Inform 7 and writing a short IF using that platform. I’ll return to Realm of Obsidian afterwards. I plan on keeping details on my progress here, as well as notes on Inform 7 and TAB as I go along.

Thank you for your time.  🙂


2 Responses to I’m Back, and With a New Release of Realm of Obsidian

  1. Ron Newcomb says:

    Congratulations! Were you in the Post-Comp Comp?

    Inform 7 is fun; join us on the intfiction.org forums.

    ::squints hard:: unless you’re already there…

  2. amethystgames says:

    I’m not there yet, Ron, but I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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